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Zwaan Sails: tips for healthy sails

February 19, 2013 by robert in Featured, Sail with 0 Comments

LELYSTAD _ Cruising. Cruising+. Regatta. Runners. Reachers. All-rounders. Piet van der Zwaan makes sails of many types and for many purposes. He has been active on the Dutch market for 25 years continuing a Dutch tradition, now under threat from cheap imports. “We often tell clients, we do not import sails,” says Van der Zwaan. “We invest in sail makers, automation and good modern machines!”

Zwaan Sails uses Sailmaker software. Developed in New Zealand in the 1990s, it has been used to power craft in many international events “A sail maker without a yacht does not exist,” Van der Zwaan who owns a Van de Stadt-31 design. “You need your own laboratory to test new ideas.” tells the sailing magazine Zeilen and shared these sail buying tips:

_ Don’t let your neighbor drive you nuts. You decide what you want, what you can handle. Go for comfort!

_ Have the sail maker measure your sails aboard your boat. Pay attention to the type of material, and the finishing

_ Cheap Asian imports can cost you! Go for quality! Go to a sail maker who makes his own sails.

_ Buy the halyard 1 or 2 meters too long. After each season, shorten it 15 cm. at the deck or mast fastening point. That way you move the spot of the most wear and tear.

_ Check reef  lines regularly. And the stitching! Fix small wear-and-tear spots immediately, especially at the leech

- Protect your sails against UV radiation.


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