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VOR boats carry identical Mastervolt systems

December 18, 2014 by robert in Power, Sail with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM ~ Few watch the Volvo Ocean Race more closely than the folks at Mastervolt, the Amsterdam-based brand in maritime, mobile and solar energy solutions. Each of the 7 VOR boats carries a pair of 2nd generation Lithium-Ion Ultra batteries, managed and operated via the C-Zone data links that allow for remote monitoring.

The batteries are a third of the weight of lead acid ones and can discharge up to 80% of their total capacity. They can be fully recharged in just one 59-minute charge cycle via a pair of Mastervolt 150A alternators coupled to the auxiliary Volvo 75hp engine.

We have greatly increased our involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race because nowhere else will our innovations be put to such extreme use,” says Bert Jansen, Mastervolt’s Commercial Leader EMEA.

The ultra-light Volvo Ocean 65s are identical boats. Mastervolt has divided them into 2 sections, says Nick Holland, Mastervolt UK’s Volvo Ocean Race project manager. “The first is based on our highly intuitive MasterBus data network. It connects all elements that generate and store the power, notably the 2 Lithium-Ion Ultra batteries that can hold up to 10,000W (10KWh) between them, and the two 150A alternators to quickly recharge them. We expect a consumption of between 200-240Ah per boat every 24 hours”.

The system’s 2 MasterBus Alpha Pro regulators smooth the power flow, a Magic DC/DC Converter to step down power between equipment of different voltages, and a 500-Watt inverter for the two on-board computers. Jansen: “The systems we have installed are tough and well proven. The fact that these cutting edge boats are electrically powered totally by Mastervolt shows just how widely the brand is known and trusted by professionals.”





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