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The pennant that defines Fryslan and you!

December 17, 2012 by robert in Featured, Sail with 0 Comments

LEEUWARDEN – Fryslan, Holland’s northern province, is a non-stop blessing. In winter, garlands of skaters trek across its frozen waters that in summer belong to boaters. Skaters need a deep freeze to enjoy Fryslan. All boaters need is a pennant from the ‘’Marrekrite’’ waterways authority. For only €13 it lets you overnight _ for free _ at any of 3,500 quiet, clean moorings at 285 often secluded sites across Fryslan. Unless you relish racking four deep in a marina and hear your neighbors stomp across your deck at 1 AM, read on! That Marrekrite pennant is for you!

It is sold at retail outlets across Fryslan. The flag enhances your access to Fryslan’s big-sky landscapes punctuated by pretty towns and those squeaky clean black-and-white Frisian cows in emerald meadows. You are asked only 1 thing: behave like a guest and respect nature. In that sense, the Marrekrite flag on your boat defines you as much as the issuing authority, a collaboration of the Fryslan government and 2 dozen Frisian cities and towns.

“We are always looking for a healthy balance between recreation and the environment,” says Jack van den Berg, Marrekrite’s director. His group funds the building and maintenance of docks and facilities with money from the province, participating towns and the sale of the annual flag. In 2012, it generated €181,850 in income, up from €177.824 in 2011. The 2013 burgee remains unchanged at €13.

The Marrekrite project _ the name is Frisian for ‘’lake areas’’ _ stresses green development. “That is visible in our choice of materials,” says Van den Berg. “In both construction and maintenance of docking sites we use natural and recycled materials. Also, we use sheep to cut the grass in hard-to-reach areas. And cleaning dock areas is done through social employment initiatives.” The organization is also getting a firm footing on land, too: In 2015 it will take on responsibility for signposting and advocating 2,650-km of cycling routes throughout Fryslan. For boaters, Marrekrite’s dockside rules come down to this:

- No overnighting for more than 3 days at the same location.

- No docking in bulrush groves.

- Garbage goes in bins. Do not leave chemical garbage behind

- Mind your wake. Respect private property. Do not cut trees, bushes.

- No open fire. No barbecuing on land.





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