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Team Brunel sports a Nanocoat hull

May 17, 2014 by robert in NL Excel, Sail with 0 Comments

SNEEK _ Team Brunel, the Dutch entry in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, is sporting an environmentally kind hull coating. Ale Bok of Nanocoat Marine says his company’s ‘Clean & Coat’ features minuscule quartz particles that act as part cleaner, part water-resistant coating. “It does not replace antifouling,” says Bok. “That Volvo racer is lifted from the water so often it does not need any antifouling.”

Bok says Nanocoat’s ‘Clean & Coat’ is a liquid with no aggressive preservatives suitable for cleaning plastics, polyester, synthetic coated surfaces and other painted items. The coating protects the hull’s bottom, is easily applied and long-lasting.

“This is a product for a wide market,” says Bok. “From the Optimist to the Volvo racer to mega-yachts. It is also used in commercial shipping.” The average sailor needs to treat the hull a few times a year with Clean & Coat. The product can also be used on windows. For decks and other heavily trafficked surfaces a variant is available that won’t get smooth. Bok’s company makes 6 Nanocoat products, among others for spray hoods, teak surfaces and sailing wear

Nanocoat Marine markets maintenance products for the (super)yacht industry that extend the life of surfaces and makes cleaning yachts easier, faster, more effective and sustainable. Bok’s products lack harsh detergents so can be safely used on all surfaces, including paint, steel, aluminum, gold, silver and fiberglass. Nanocoat Marine also offers products for exotic and exceptional materials such as alligator leather, onyx, pearl or marble. They prevent tarnishing and rejuvenate old, weathered surfaces.







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