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Seeking consumer input, foreign dealers

March 7, 2014 by robert in Featured, NL Excel, Sail with 0 Comments

LELYSTAD ~ The sailing yachts of Lennart Noorlander are open books. No guesswork! His C-Yachts all have center cockpits and are safe, sturdy, reliable and comfortable cruisers. “We serve a niche market,” says Noorlander. “Recreational sailors, often just couples, who want to cruise in an easy-to-handle boat.”

The center-cockpit formula works well for C-Yacht. In 2013, the yard expanded marketing to Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Says C-Yacht Managing Director Jan Muller: “We receive more and more interest in our boats from our neighbors to the south.” In 2014, C-Yacht is looking for more dealers, in Europe and beyond. It is also pursuing a unique yacht building project that was launched at the 2014 Duesseldorf Boat Show. There, the yard presented its C-Yacht Concept _ rough sketches by Dykstra Naval Architects of the next C-Yacht.

C-yacht seeks consumer design input. It’s open to all ideas as long as the outcome is a safe and comfortable cruiser in the C-Yacht mold. But not necessarily one with C-Yacht’s trademark center cockpit.

“We are open-minded,”! says Noorlander. “What we are looking for is something new, something extra,” says Noorlander. “I can tell you this much: we’re not going to end up with a racing yacht. That’s not us. It’ll be a cruiser of 10 or 14 or 15m, whatever. This project is a teaser. We want to generate fresh ideas.”

So what does he expect from his crowd-sourcing experiment? “Hard to say,” says Noorlander. He says some people may suggest “a gennaker boom that slides out of the bow. That works really well on a cruising yacht, actually!” Or put forward ideas to improve C-Yachts’ handling by a small crew. One key crowd source for Noorlander is the C-Yacht owners club that boasts some 350 boats. “We start with our client panel. We polled them also on the design of the C-Yacht 1250, the longest version available. Noorlander is putting no launch date on the Concept yacht.

C-Yachts now come in 5 lengths _ from10.85m to 12.88m. They are marketed under the catchy slogan, “The more you sail, the more you C.” They are all the work of C-Yacht’s in-house designer Frans Maas. They are manufactured by Zaadnoordijk Yacht Builders, a quality yard with almost 70 years of experience in building sailing and motor yachts. The C-Yachts are made of vinylester with teak interiors and are ocean-rated.

www.zaadnoordijk.nl / www.c-yacht.com

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