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Rapsody Yachts gets to build, market Flyer 3

January 17, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Power, Sail with 0 Comments

HEEG _ Flyer Yachts, maker of luxury daysailers, has licensed Rapsody Yachts _ manufacturer of classically lined motor yachts _ to market and produce the Flyer 33. Flyer 33 (photo) is a premium, high-performance daysailer with a modern plumb bow, classic stern and a gracious, low freeboard.

Dykstra Naval Architects of Amsterdam drew the Flyer-33. Says Jeroen de Vos of Dykstra Naval Architects: “The Flyer 33 is a true gentleman’s yacht with an attractive design that is normally see on superyachts.”

The Flyer 33 combines elegance with excellent sailing qualities, can reach a speed of up to 10 knots and is the ultimate weekender. It offers 2 standard berths and room for 2 more beds. The galley has a sink and a 40-liter fridge. De forward cabin can be closed off for privacy. The Dutch-built sailboat is available (in a Classic version) from just over €123,000  (excl VAT).

The Flyer-33 was launched in 2012. In its December, 2012, issue the Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen called it “a comfortable, exceptionally fast weekender” that was “invented, designed and built by lovers of sailing. You can tell by the useful conveniences, the high-quality materials and the end result… The Flyer 33 is a joy to sail.”

Rapsody Yachts builds motor craft that boast the best characteristics from historic and modern classics. At right, the Rapsody 24, that was developed for the canals of Amsterdam. It can be trailered and has good clearance for bridges. www.rapsody.nl / www.flyeryachts.nl / www.dutchyachtbuilding.com

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