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New online earnings models a la Airbnb

September 8, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, NL Excel, Power, Sail with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM ~ Two Dutch startups have launched new earnings formulas in boating. Both are online tools. Jachthaven.nl helps berth owners _ private citizens and marinas _ reel in boaters for brief stays based on the Airbnb formula. Barco.co.nl lets private boat owners rent their pride-and-joy out to boatless sailors. Both sites let users rate their experience in using the online platforms.

Through Jachthaven.nl private berth owners of marinas offer dock space through an online platform. Right now, many berths _ both private and others _ often lie empty, says Bob Hardus of Jachthaven.nl. “In these days of Uber taxis and Airbnb, I was surprised there was no online berths reservation tool. ‘The HISWA yachting lobby was enthusiastic. We are now their business partner.” His site’s listings show the location of hundreds of berths and their facilities. The Netherlands boasts half a million boats and 10,000 kilometers of navigable waterways.

At Barqo.co.nl, Sebastian de Groot, head of finance and operations at the upstart, says ownership is “increasingly unimportant (and) the sharing economy is hot! Barqo brings boat owners and people who want to sail together online. This makes boating accessible to more people and provides some income for boat owners. Many boats on the water are now not being used.” The Barqo site lists private boat rentals _ from daysailers to cabin cruisers to tenders _ in the Netherlands, across Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

www.jachthaven.nl | www.barqo.co.nl

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