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K&M Yachts Bestevaers show yard’s excellence

August 21, 2014 by robert in NL Excel, Sail with 0 Comments

When K&M Yachts asked a client to describe the Bestevaer 49ST he wanted, he said: “Suitable for single-handed sailing, a tiller, minimal technology, a maximum draft of 2.10m with a modern, but nautical interior.” To see what K&M did with that see the ‘Zwarte Raaf’ (The Black Raven) at the K&M Yachts stand. The aluminum-hulled sailing yacht is the little sister of the Bestevaer II, the yacht of designer Gerard Dijkstra, who collaborates on all Bestevaer yachts. The Zwarte Raaf was given an unpainted aluminum yacht and is the kind of craft that begs to be sailed to the ends of the earth.

At the Hiswa in-Water, K&M will show the event’s largest sailing yacht: Bestevaer 66ST Anabel, a yacht built to the max that makes clear what the yard means when it constructs a yacht to “fit its owner, like a tailor-made Italian suit.” Annabel’s owner wanted a yacht that would let him sail without depending on shore power, but carry batteries, plenty of solar panels and 2 wind generators. For safety, the hull was reinforced to withstand ice and given a watertight door, a deep cockpit and a big central helm seat.

All of K&M Yachts’ Bestevaers are exclusively built in collaboration with Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects. They have been stretched to as much as 100ft. Bestevaers either have a spoon bow (S), a clipper bow(S) or a straight bow (ST). The S Series consists of elegant performance yachts, while the C Series comprises robust yachts with plenty of space. Dijkstra has a Bestevaer 53 ST for his own use.


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