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Jet Thruster: farewell to noisy bow, stern props

November 17, 2013 by robert in Featured, Power, Sail with 1 Comment

DORDRECHT  - _Bow or stern props simplify boat handling yet come with nasty side effects. Noise, for instance. And big holes in the hull. In 2010, Holland Marine Parts began marketing the Jet Thruster, a prop-less system that sucks in water and expels it under pressure through small nozzles in the bow or stern. The system includes a centrifugal pump, a 3-way valve and electrical controls.  

In the last 3 years he has sold 300 Jet Thruster systems, mostly to sail and motor yacht enthusiasts. Kroeze: “The Jet Thruster is more expensive than conventional bow or stern props. But it is a better, more versatile system. For one thing there is no noise. The Jet Thruster is just about silent! Also, conventional props don’t work well in a swell because the prop spins dry each time the bow rises from the water. The Jet Thruster always works, also when the nozzles are exposed.”

Kroeze’s Jet Thruster requires no tunnel tube and the exhaust holes _ located about 7 cm beneath the waterline _ through water is pressed out can have a diameter of only 4 cm. This makes it possible to use a Jet Thruster on boats that cannot take conventional bow or stern thrusters. The nozzles can be placed on the far ends, improving effectiveness and maneuverability. Another big advantage: the Jet Thruster pump can be placed anywhere on a boat.

“Installation is simple and can be carried out by every shipyard,” says Kroeze who recently sold a system to the Chilean owner of a 22m sailing yacht. “He sails in the Antarctic where ice can clog up the tunnel of a traditional prop system,” says Kroeze. Crucially, propeller systems have moving parts, starting with the  props. “That makes these systems vulnerable. That’s not an issue with the Jet Thruster. All its parts are made from high-quality, sea water-resistant material. The Jet Thruster is basically maintenance-free.” The system comes with a joystick or remote control.

Kroeze  and Pieter Cats, Holland Marine Parts’ marketing manager, developed the Jet Thruster from a forerunner which proved a disappointment. They developed an entirely novel approach and invested in a test tank and related gear. Their system is marketed in Europe, America and Asia.

Kroeze proudly points to testimonials of happy customers. One refers to his stern-mounted Jet Thruster and  conventional bow prop as  ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. Each system is assembled and tested in the Netherlands and then shipped. “We are responsible for the system’s quality of the system. So production is kept in-house,” Kroeze explains. The Jet Thruster starts at about €3,000. “More and more water sports enthusiasts no longer consider it a luxury,” says Kroeze


One Comment

  1. Gary RossDec 26, 2016 at 6:50 pmReply

    I have a 473 Beneteau sailboat I was thinking of getting a bow and stern kit I have a very tight slip with current and wind disadvantages what are your thoughts, will this system work and what pricing do you have for this system. Will the JT-30 work for this application?
    thanks for your help Gary

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