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Fairtransport puts 2nd sailing vessel into service

February 18, 2014 by robert in Days of Yore, Featured, Sail with 0 Comments

DEN HELDER – Fairtransport BV, a company pursuing sustainable, wind-powered ocean trade, plans to press a 2nd sailing vessel into service. The 25m Nordlys IV _ the name means Northern Light in Norwegian _ is originally a Brixham Trawler launched at ca. 1873. The two-masted vessel will undergo some repairs and upgrading starting in late February, 2014.  

Powered only by 7 sails, the Nordlys IV’s will trade between the ports of Germany, Norway,  Portugal, England and France. Its hold of 25 cubic meters, will carry sustainably produced goods such as olive oil, beer and wine. The Nordlys IV will have a crew of 3 and space for trainees/guests.

The Fairtransport organization now runs trans-Atlantic services with the Tres Hombres shuttling between the Caribbean and Europe. It is carrying growing cargoes, a sign consumers increasingly pay attention to sustainable transport, the group says.

The entry into service of a 2nd sailing vessel is a significant step Arjen van der Veen, Andreas Lackner en Jorne Langelaan _ the 3 originators of the Fairtransport group. Their organization participates in the development of a modern hybrid ship, the Ecoliner _ a Dynarig concept on the drawing boards at Dykstra Naval Architects in Amsterdam. The public is invited to invest in fair trade. Just as was the case with the Dutch East Indies Company 4 centuries ago, anyone can buy shares in Fairtrade’s sustainable shipping initiative.


www.fairtransport.eu /www.svtreshombres.com /



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