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At KM Yachtbuilders less is more

May 11, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured, Sail with 0 Comments

MAKKUM ~ At a time when yacht builders are at pains to make fully customized yachts, along comes KM Yachtbuilders. Its brand new PURE line foregoes full customization.

“The Pure will be more of a production yacht,” says Jildou Huisman van KM Yachtbuilders. “Aspects such as dimensions, deck plan, position of bulkheads, layout options and styling are fixed.”

This is a boon for buyers. The PURE Line offers them KM Yachtbuilders’ quality at a lower price. Construction of the first PURE yacht _ a Bestevaer 45 _ starts this month. “We think the PURE version will be popular on a 45ft boat,” says Huisman. “But we can see this also working on a 49ft.”

KM Yachtbuilders makes sturdy, go-anywhere aluminum yachts of 30 to 100 ft. Buyers of Pure craft will have less say in the final product than those opting for custom-built yachts. KM Yachtbuilders continues to make the latter. The yard’s PURE line drops such frills as 3 toilets, a dishwasher or a pricey teak deck.

Fully customized yachts don’t scare clients away “but there are people who find it cumbersome to have to think about every possible option on a boat,” says Huisman. “They want some guidance. The PURE is standard constructed with a fixed keel of 2.15m but a lifting centerboard is an option.


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