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A wrinkle in Dutch superyacht sector

February 26, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Power, Sail with 0 Comments

VOLLENHOVE ~ In the Netherlands a dozen or so superyacht builders live cheek by jowl with world class marine suppliers. Theirs is a small, but disciplined world. Lately a wrinkle rippled across the surface of that oh-so-proper Dutch industry when Royal Huisman took a potshot at rival Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards.

“As Royal Huisman innovations tend to be well ahead of the curve,” said the maker of classic sailing yachts, “it is easy to see” how Feadship could oversee Royal Huisman’s 58m (190ft) Ethereal 6 years after its launch. The object of the yard’s ribbing: Feadship’s claim it had just launched “the world’s first hybrid superyacht,” the motor-powered Savannah.

Huisman said it beat Feadship on hybrid by 6 years with the Ethereal. And, again, in 2014 with the 46m (152ft) Andre Hoek-designed NextGEN ketch Elfje.

Feadship calls its 83.5m (273ft) Savannah, “the first ever superyacht (with) an eco-friendly blend of single diesel engine, 3 gensets, batteries, propeller, azimuting thruster and a streamlined hull shape” that yields fuel economies of 30%. Royal Huisman’s protest was drowned out at Savannah’s James Bond-themed launch ceremony featuring singers, dancers and acrobats in late January.

www.royalhuisman.com / www.feadship.nl

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