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2013 boating design award nominees

November 17, 2013 by robert in Featured, Maritime Netherlands, Power, Sail with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM – Five Dutch companies are among 52 nominees from around the world for a prestigious DAME Design Award to be awarded at the Nov. 19-21 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam. The award hails the importance of design for all marine products. “This has never been more important in an era where the consumer wants everything he or she touches not only to work well, but took look great,” says the jury. The 5 Dutch nominees include:

- Dynamic Marine Systems is nomination for its RotorSwing, the first fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic roll damping system for yachts up to 30 meters.

It uses rotating cylinders that generate up or downward pressure. Unlike fin systems, they can be mounted anywhere. RotorSwing features retractable rotors, eliminating the risk of damage and creating less drag than fins. The system’s electric motor requires little space. Like the rotors, it   can be installed anywhere so location is no factor in initial design and build stages.

- Vetus BV,  which markets technical equipment and marine diesel engines worldwide is nominated for its “NSFCAN,” a canister filled with activated carbon and special gel granules. Where traditional carbon filters in vent lines lose efficiency due to humidity, the gel granules in the NSFCAN filter element absorb the moisture to prevent efficiency loss. Also, gel granules ensure there is less air borne moisture allowed into a fuel tank to preventing mold and “diesel bug.”  

- Rondal’s Self-Aligning Pad Eye can rotate 270 degrees and comes without any visible buttons and locking pins. Nor does it require an extra tools to operate. The pad eye is interchangeable with different base plates installed in the deck. During mooring or specific sailing situations, all unnecessary blocks can be removed from deck, creating a clean deck both for both aesthetic and practical purposes. The pad eye can suit different styles of deck block. By using the removable dog-bone, soft loop configurations are also possible. Compared to previous pad eyes (whether from Rondal or otyhersd) the new self-aligning pad eye is far more highly optimized for its application. The pad eye itself is a single piece of high quality stainless steel, enabling the shape to be optimized for strength, weight and aesthetics. The result is a unique product, and a welcome addition to the safety and efficiency of superyacht deck equipment. It is available in a range of sizes, with Safe Working Loads of 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 tons. www.rondal.com

Werkvreugde: a one-touch helipad railing from this specialist  in custom-built stainless steel marine construction for the super-yacht sector. Its remote operated heli rail” _ a railing system that goes around a super-yacht helipad _ can be folded away and raised back up again by the touch of a button. This is safe and convenient for no crew members are required to work on the edge of the helicopter platform. For competitive reasons, the company offered no photos of its helipad gate. www.werkvreugde.nl
- Van Claes trailer: Maker of tailor-made boat trailers, Van Claes says it spent 3 years developing a better trailer. The result is a radical new concept. The company says it is safer and more functional than traditional trailers. And hassle-free when taking a boat in and out of the water. The VanClaes trailer features a patented loading and unloading system, a wrap-around walkway and waterproof LED lighting. The walkway guarantees safe access to the boat. Additionally, it adds structural strength to the trailer and protects the boat from grit and mud flying up from the roadway. www.vanclaes.com


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