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Hein Eek crafts new generation salon-boat

March 13, 2014 by robert in NL Excel, Power with 0 Comments

LAREN ~ Hein Eek wants you boating year-round. Because the weather has something to say about that, he makes a boat for all seasons. His HEINEEK 4800 Comfort is a “salon boat” that aims for a broad market. it is for people who want the creature comforts of home in a one-level craft and, of course, the rental business looking for a roomy party boat with a modular interior.

Eek: “People love to be on the water, yet spend little time on their boats.” He says they’ll blame bad weather or hate boat level differences. “And when you are in your boat, chances are you sit in a beautiful salon, lined by dark wood with no clear outside view.”

His year-round craft is a catamaran of almost 15m and a 4.6m beam. It has a one-level floor of 65 m2 and 85 m3 of interior space. The inside clearance is a generous 2.10m. The seawater-resistant aluminum hulls are light and maintenance-free. The arched cabin is made of composite material with a fire-resistant foam core doubling as insulation. The cabin features double-glazed windows and is bookended by roomy fore and aft decks.

Tanks, heating, batteries and propulsion gear sit in the 2 hulls. The HEINEEK 4800 comes standard with 2, 29HP, energy-frugal Yanmar diesel engines with saildrives that render a top speed of 18km/hr. (9.7nm/hr). Also standard: hull bow props. Aft props are optional, as are water-tight bulkheads and 39HP engines that raise the top speed to 24 km/hr (13nm/hr). Being a catamaran, the HEINEEK 4800 has good stability and little hull resistance. Eek: “I made no concessions to quality. I opted for top brands like Yanmar and Mastervolt so the yacht retains its value.”

He aims for a broad market: Families with small children, people of limited mobility, senior couples and the rental sector. He offers several layouts _ the Comfort, Comfort Deluxe, Comfort Exclusive and Comfort Business. The HEINEEK features interior/exterior steering positions, an above-waterline clearance of under 3m which is ideal for French waterways and their bridges. Cooking is done electrically. A complete standard HEINEEK starts at €495,000, incl. VAT, a galley equipped with a dishwasher and microwave oven. The HEINEEK is built at the reputable Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders.




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