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VETUS to unveil ambitious product lineup

AMSTERDAM ~ VETUS attended the 2015 METSTRADE show in full force. The Dutch boat systems creator, showed the strength of its products line-up at 2 stands in the RAI exhibition complex here and at a 3rd, off-site location that was a packed from the moment the show opened Nov. 17. VETUS served notice it will launch some eye-catching products in the months ahead. A preview!

  • Rimdrive (photo), a VETUS innovation that consumed 8 years of R&D. The Rimdrive thruster runs nearly silent due to the propeller blades design. The propeller is the rotating part of the electric motor and the fixed winding (stator) is mounted in the tunnel. So no noisy gears. Also, the ring mounted around the propeller prevents the propeller tips from cutting through the water preventing cavitation. Unlike conventional electric thrusters, the RIMDRIVE takes up little space inside the hull.
  • A electric retractable bow thruster means less noise and vibration for it is not in direct contact with the hull. It features a less intricate design resulting in fewer moving parts, lightweight construction. Vetus retractable thrusters are suitable for sail and power vessels up to 20m. All submerged parts are non-corrosive.
  • GX series of generator sets – a brand new, quiet, easy-to-install range of marine diesel generator sets. They will come in 6 models _ from 4 to 25 kVA, 50 and 60 Herz and with or without a compact sound enclosure. Ideal for confined spaces due to compact dimensions and weight.
  • A new style, high-efficiency battery charger compatible with lead acid, Li-ion, Gel and AGM batteries. It will be available in 8 models.

VETUS has been developing and marketing marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels for more than 50 years. The company continues to expand its range of products and in 2015 strengthened its global market position by opening subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, France, the USA and Australia.


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