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SuperYacht Times resizes superyachts

AMSTERDAM _ Membership in the Superyacht Builders Association _ a club of 24 yards, including 7 in the Netherlands _ is open to “well established” companies that have built and “successfully delivered at least 3 custom or semi-custom yachts over 40 meters.”

That 40m minimum is an unofficial industry norm. It signals that yachts of 40m+ show a huge degree of customization. Amsterdam-based SuperYacht Times has taken a look at that and disagrees. These days superyachts start at 30m, it says, and include craft like the Mulder 98 Flybridge (photo) that Mulder Shipyard of the Netherlands launched in 2014.

SuperYacht Times covers the global superyacht market like the dew and says these days an “increased level of customization” is evident in new-builds of 30m and up. Also, it says, yachts starting at 30m cannot be run single-handedly, but require a crew. And the costs _ not just the purchase price but also the annual operating outlays _ justify the label superyacht.

SuperYacht Times’ recalibration almost triples the size of the global superyacht fleet _ from 1,417 (40m+) to 4117 (30m+) of which 47% were built in the past decade. SuperYacht Times also says 10 years ago there was an 80%-20% split between motor and sailing yachts worldwide. “Thanks to a strong interest in (large) motor yachts” that has changed to 83%-17%, according to SuperYacht Times.

www.superyachttimes.com / www.dutchyachtbuilding.com

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