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The end of Rock & Roll. Yes!

May 17, 2014 by robert in Featured, Power with 0 Comments

RAAMSDONKVEER _ Dynamic Marine Systems Holland has begun marketing of its RotorSwing Zero Speed. It is a major upgrade from DMS’ electrically driven, non-hydraulic roll damping system that won the company a coveted DAME award nomination at the 2013 METS trade show. The RotorSwing’s ZS combats rolling not just when a boat is in motion, but also when it is stationary or at anchor. In that case, the rotors rotate around their axis but also make a “swinging,” back-and-forth motion.

The RotorSwing system is the first electrically powered roll damping system for yachts up to 30 meters. Its heart is sophisticated software that required much work, according to DMS, the European distributor of the RotorSwing that entered the market in 2013. It foregoes stabilizing fins by using fast rotating cylinders that generate upward and downward pressure to steady a yacht. “To test the system’s Zero Speed (ZS) capability we carried out forced-roll tests on our 15m demo yacht Tessera. The results were amazing. They exceeded our expectations by far,” says Theo Koop, RotorSwing’s developer.

The RotorSwing ZS is also available with a ‘rake’ function in which the rotors make a 45-degree angle to the yacht’s course direction. This yields planing vessels an optimal roll reduction at speeds of up to 18 knots. At higher speeds, the rotors are folded under _ or inside _ the hull minimizing resistance. The latter should interest operators of vessels working conditions of ice. For those vessels, traditional stability fins are extremely vulnerable.

DMS has already taken orders for 3 RotorSwing ZS systems. The first will be installed this summer on a 27m classic yacht in Turkey. The other 2 include the ‘rake’ function and will be installed on 2, 23m aluminum Van der Valk Continental Yachts. The first will be delivered in late 2014 and will be based in southern France. The 2nd yacht will be delivered in mid-2015 and be based in Greece.

The RotorSwing system is the first electrically powered roll damping system for yachts of up to 30 meters. RotorSwing ends rock & roll boating / First electric stabilizer to steady yachts up to 30m. It exploits the Magnus Effect (named for after 19th century German scientist Heinrich Gustav Magnus) in which a spinning object moving through space (or water) creates lift as it builds up more pressure on one side than the other depending on the spin direction. You see that same lift in the top spin of tennis, golf or soccer balls.

DMS says the RotorSwing kills a boat’s rolling better at lower speeds than fin systems because the latter need substantial boat speed to be effective since the fins are kept small to reduce drag and damage. Also, in shallow waters, fins are vulnerable.








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