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Jobs’ yacht seized in dispute with designer

December 22, 2012 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM _ A Dutch court has ordered the mega-yacht Venus of the late Steven Jobs to stay in Amsterdam. The sleek 70m craft oozes Apple’s austere style _ white, boxy, lots of glass. It is at the center of a dispute between French Designer Philippe Starck and heirs of the late Apple founder. Jobs had a hand in the angular exterior design of the Venus while Starck worked on the interior. Launched Oct. 28 at the Koninklijke De Vries yard south of Amsterdam, she was to sail from the Netherlands  Dec. 19 but a Starch-initiated court order prevented that.

Jobs and Starck were friends. The Amsterdam daily Het Financiele Dagblad reported the two had agreed Starck would be paid 6% of the yacht’s value. Starck valued the yacht at €150 million, which would net him €9 million. But Jobs’ heirs valued it at €105 million limiting Starck’s share to €6 million. He now wants the difference, The Venus has teak decks, a sun terrace with a Jacuzzi and 7 27-inch iMacs on the bridge. Jobs’ widow and children attended the launch of the yacht that is named after the Roman goddess of love. They handed out custom iPod Shuffle mp3 players to yard workers. Each iPod came with a note thanking them for their ‘hard work and craftsmanship.’

The De Vries yard was founded in 1906. Today, the 5th generation De Vries is at the helm. The yard once made daysailers but over the years has graduated to super yachts under the name of Feadship, a  cooperative venture with the Royal van Lent yard and De Voogt Naval Architects. The biggest Feadship it ever built was the 86-m Ecstasea. Its original owner was the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Since 1990, De Vries has made at least 70 super yachts.



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