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Small vessels route past Port of Rotterdam

April 17, 2013 by robert in Featured, Maritime Netherlands with 0 Comments

ROTTERDAM – The works began in 2008. Today _ 240 million cubic meters of sand and 70 kms of beaches, dunes, seawalls, quays, road and railways later _ the port of Rotterdam’s latest expansion is a reality. The area, reclaimed from the North Sea, will be opened May 22 increasing the port of Rotterdam by 20%

The world’s largest port after Shanghai and Singapore, Rotterdam is one of the few European ports where vast ocean-going vessels can swiftly load and unload 24/7. Annually, 35,000 ocean-going and 135,000 inland vessels stop at Rotterdam. enabling it to handle the latest generation of container vessels. The port’s expansion has led to a reshuffling of offshore navigation routes. Because commercial shipping is in no mood to make room for your 32ft ‘Carpe Diem,’ there is a dedicated channel for recreational boaters.  It crosses the shipping lanes in and out of Rotterdam at a right angle close to the shore.

Here are the rules of that road:

– If you are northbound: keep light buoy MV to starboard. Going south: keep MN1 to starboard.

– report in on VHF-3 to the Hook of Holland traffic center. State your vessel’s name, course and position in relation to MV or MN1.

– keep listening to the radio during the crossing. You need not sign out after completing the crossing.

– You are discouraged from crossing under sail. Use your engine. Or at least have it ready for immediate use.


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