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Showing Asia beauty of moving under canvas

July 5, 2013 by robert in Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

VOLLENHOVE _ Royal Huisman, maker and refitter of classy yachts of up to 90m, has appointed 2 representatives in China to unlock the world of custom super-yachts to potential clients and show them the beauty of sailing under canvas.

“They will act as ambassadors, increasing awareness of how the name of Royal Huisman represents the pinnacle of Dutch quality in super-yacht building,” says the company. Its 2 ‘regional liaisons’ are Hong Kong-based Bart Kimman, director of Northrop & Johnson HK, and, in Beijing, Rene Ho, director of Martello Yachting. They must teach the Chinese market the difference between what ‘looks good’ and what ‘is good.’

Royal Huisman markets upscale yachts: modern, classic, sail, motor, aluminum or carbon composite. It has  been active in brand-building by attending yacht shows and other events in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore. Helping matters much: the Huisman-built Twizzle, (photo above), a 57.5-m sailing yacht, has been cruising and chartering extensively in Asian waters.

Huisman challenges the conventional wisdom that the Asia market is primarily about motor, not sailing yachts.

The Dutch Nautica site quotes Huisman’s Jurjen van ’t Verlaat as saying, “As in the West, only a small group of (Asian) millionaires is interested in sailing yachts. We haven’t sold a boat yet in the East, but see great potential. The number of rich Chinese is rising. (In Asia) we see more and more yacht clubs, regattas and marinas with sufficient draft for large sailing yachts. But much remains to be done.”



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