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RIBs that beg to be taken for a spin!

January 8, 2014 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

ZWAAG _ The RIBs that come off the X-Craft yard are not ho-hum, run-of-the-mill rubber boats. Ranging from 7 to 11m, they are “every daredevil’s ultimate dream,” says X-Craft Director Sytse de Vlas. Indeed, his RIBs seem to just beg to be taken for a fast spin. Depending on the propulsion chosen, they reach speeds of up to 120 kms _ 65nm _ per hour. X-Craft began making fast, spiffy looking X-line RIB tenders powered by single or twin outboard engines about 5 years ago. they can be configured in a variety of layouts and finished in striking color combinations.

In 2013, de vlas moved upmarket, launching X-Craft ELITE tenders designed to service super-yachts even better. Fully custom built tenders, owner comfort and fine finishing are the Elite line’s hallmarks. They stand out for their distinctive color scheme and equipment specifications. The Elite line craft feature fully customized fittings and furniture and high-tech navigation equipment. “We recently began making a full-hulled tender,!” says De Vlas.

The Elite line craft can seat up to 14 people and go very fast. To handle high speeds, the craft come with custom-made, patented shock absorbing suspension seats made in-house by X-Craft. The company also markets these to other brands. “We are shock mitigation seat specialists,” says De Vlas. “We build our seats with ultimate precision and within the exact required tolerances. We believe our shock-mitigating seats are the strongest, the most comfortable and stylish in the Industry.” X-Craft markets its seats to discerning clients such as the military, search-and-rescue sectors and recreational users.



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