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One man’s dream: no-fee yacht brokering

November 17, 2013 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM – Jort van Sisseren’s solution to grow boat sales _ not just in the Netherlands but also where you live _ is to slash transaction costs. In a few short years his DIY site _ http://www.doityourselfyachtbroker.com has become a hit across Europe. It has earned Van Sisseren a nomination as The Next Enterpreneur of 2013, an annual prize awarded by Rabobank and the Dutch federation of small and mid-sized companies.

“The DIY site is by now the largest yacht broker in the Benelux and growth has only just begun,” says Van Sisseren (left). His site lets sellers save 7% in commission costs to brokers. “Independent research shows that no less than 83% of boat owners find a broker too pricey and find they can create added value themselves.”

Van Sisseren has the “ambition to be the world’s largest yacht brokers site.” His partner in the online trading site is Bouwe Bekking, a Dutch sailing veteran with 6 Volvo Ocean Races under his belt. “Our core business,” says Van Sisseren, “is to unite demand and supply through various used boats sites and offer users whatever they need to conclude a legally sound sale of a recreational craft through our dynamic sales module.”  That module charges no sales fee and guides users around legal and financial traps. “My aim is make the way people buy and sell boats affordable and transparent,” says Van Sisseren.

By listing a boat on his DIY site, says Van Sisseren, a seller will get online exposure on multiple used-boat websites “so you reach around 2 million potential buyers monthly and sell your boat quickly. You receive ‘For Sale’ stickers to put on your boat and you get asking price advice. When you and the buyer agree on a sale you can start the sales module that leads you both, step-by-step, through every aspect of the sales transaction. You get a tailored sales agreement and shipping documentation. You learn about how to receive a safe payment, about shipping registries, insurance, how to deal with a mortgage, a protocol of delivery and, eventually, a bill of sale.”

The sale process offers sellers and buyers 24/7 online support if either has a question. “In short; you can be sure of it that you can take care of everything yourself in a professional way with a bit of help from us,” says Van Sisseren. “It is transparent, safe and well taken care of! The best thing is you never have to pay an expensive yacht broker ever again.”




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