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Netherlands sweeps Super-yacht ‘Oscars’

May 17, 2014 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM _ Dutch yacht-making knowhow swept the 2014 super-yacht Oscar night. Yacht builders, naval architects and designers from the Netherlands bagged 10 of the mega-yacht industry’s top 15 Neptune awards. At a May 3 gala evening in Amsterdam, they won 7 of the 10 motor yacht Neptunes and 3 of the 5 sailing yacht Neptunes.

The top Neptune _ for overall Motor Yacht of the Year _ was for the 99m Madame GU (photo), built by Feadship which also did the naval architecture of the largest super-yacht ever built in the Netherlands. The yacht is as long as a soccer field yet manages a top speed of 25 knots. Feadship Director Henk de Vries. “The client pushed us to our limits by demanding the most complicated interior ever. Onboard Madame GU we created things that resemble the Palace of Versailles.”

Feadship scored a hat-trick at the 9th annual World Super-yacht Awards gala at Amsterdam’s National Maritime Museum. Madame GU was also named best ‘Displacement Motor Yacht of 2,000GT and above’ and Feadship’s 62m Sea Owl won the Neptune for best ‘Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT to 1,999GT’

The annual Neptunes cast a spotlight on the construction of highly complex motor and sail-powered yachts that offer 5-star luxury and design but also meet demanding sea handling, communications, safety and other standards. Here’s a rundown of Dutch companies and their 2014 Neptunes:

Motor Yachts:

- 90m Madame GU: Feadship (builder + naval architecture)

- 62m Sea Owl: Feadship (builder), De Voogt Naval Architects

- 60m Event: Amels (builder + naval architecture)

- 39m Cary Ali: Rene van der Velden Yacht Design (naval architecture + exterior styling)

- 42m Sofia: Moonen Shipyard (builder); Rene van der Velden Yacht Design

- 65m Galactica Star; Heesen Yachts (builder) Heesen Yachts + Van Oossanen Naval Architects (naval architecture) Heesen Yachts + Omega Yachts (exterior styling

Sailing Yachts:

- 46m Ganesha; Vitters Shipyard (builder)

- 64.5m Mikhail S. Vorontsov : Balk shipyard (builder), Dykstra Naval Architects

- 33.4 m Inoui: Vitters shipyard (builder)





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