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December 18, 2014 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM ~ The most colorful exhibit at the 2014 METS show had nothing to do with yachting. On closer inspection, however, it had much to do with it. For the 2nd year running, Materia _ the global network of innovative building and decorating materials _ displayed scores of new products to inspire marine architects, designers and shipbuilders.

They included lightweight and fire-retardant materials, luxury interior finishes, honeycomb panels, foam materials, bio-composites and practical finishing materials.

“My wish is that in, say, 5 years, we can build a boat whose interior and exterior are made from materials that naval architects and builders discovered at Materior Xperience on Tour at METS,” says Irene Dros, head of maritime events at the Amsterdam RAI center.

One eye-popping example of new materials is Swiss-engineered Dukta wood (photo). It is a light, flexible material whose sound-absorbing qualities make it ideal for panels and partitions. Dukta is a type of wood incision process that makes wood and engineered wood more flexible. There are many different incision types _ from simple and calm to ornamental and fanciful. This lets designers and builders create flexible dukta-wood walls with great possibilities in light and shade, transparency and isolation.

The Dutch-based Materia site connects architects and shipbuilders and showcases new materials and applications from everywhere. As such it is a knowledge center for developments and innovations in new materials and their applications.


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