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For something ‘different,’ Topline goes offshore

January 8, 2014 by robert in Featured, NL Excel, Power with 0 Comments

HARLINGEN _ After 20 years of designing comfortable Topline motor yachts of up to 26m (left), Siep Torenbeek says it’s time for something new. “In the past year I have felt the urge to try something different,” he says. That’s no understatement! The latest to come off his drawing boards _ the Topline Offshore series _ is a significant design departure. He came up with a pilot house design that can be built in steel “or in aluminum with jet propulsion. For anyone who likes to go really fast.”

“This is an unusual model,” says Torenbeek. “We see it as a yacht for boaters who like to explore shallow inland waters as well as Europe’s coastlines.” Available in lengths of 32 to 46ft, the Topline Offshore craft (right) can safely run aground. On a drying shoal, it will sit on its keel box supported by 2 short fin keels on either side of it. Inside, the craft are largely one-floor throughout. The hull features a wraparound bump rail and a high railing. The interior can be greatly customized.

“The offshore series are stable craft. The wheelhouse and saloon can be entirely opened. The steel versions have large tanks that give the craft a significant range to faraway destinations. The Topline Offshore series is designed for Category c boating, i.e. coastal waters, estuaries, lakes and rivers.

Torenbeek has been issuing yacht designs since 1994. They have been built at several yards but he is increasingly developing yacht projects in-house is steel or aluminum kits have found their way to several yards. He is currently negotiating with different parties. “I’m hopeful,” says Torenbeek. “These have not been easy times but I see signs that the economy is starting to move again.”



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