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Flyer-33: This one’s for Conny

October 27, 2012 by robert in Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

It’s the “Ultimate Weekender,” says Flyer Yachts, a young Dutch company, of its first sailing yacht.  The Flyer-33 will be launched in the fall of 2012. Designed by naval architects Dykstra & Partners it is advertised as having the agility and  handling of a day-sailer but with a comfortable, spacious interior. It boasts a fully equipped galley, an enclosed head, a 2.05-m bow berth, 2 roomy cabin berths and 23HP Volvo Penta sail-drive engine.

The company was started by former world sailing champion, Rutger Mohr. He named his company and its yachts ‘Flyer’ in honor of Conny van Rietschoten, Holland’s most famous yachtsman. “In the late 1970s and early 1980s he twice won the Whitbread Round the World Race, the forerunner of the Volvo Ocean Race,” says Mohr. “Unprecedented! He was a huge inspiration. The yachts on which he won were named ‘Flyer.’ Then I knew it: that’s what the ideal yacht should be called! Just step aboard and fly away.” 50 sq. meters of sails and a 2700-kg displacement promise speedy cruising. The Flyer-33 comes with Harken deckware, North Sails canvas and an anti-slip Esthec deck. The Flyer-33 is built by Schaap Composites in Lelystad. More Flyers are coming,

UPDATE: In its December, 2012, issue Zeilen, the Dutch sailing magazine, called the Flyer-33 “a comfortable, exceptionally fast weekender.” In an IJsselmeer test, it said it pushed the boat to 10.1 kn/hr after using the assymmetrical spinnaker. Zeilen’s findings:

The Flyer-33 was invented, designed and built by lovers of sailing. You can tell by the useful conveniences, the high-quality materials and the end result. The boat sails wonderfully, is kind to the crew though the main sheet handling could be more user-friendly. We had to get used to the absence of a sea railing. We felt a lack of grip when heeling, but the cockpit is ergonomic. The Flyer 33 is a joy to sail _ fast, comfortable and stable. For a weekender, it has a roomy interior. The cabin benches are comfortable and offer ample leg space. But, unfortunately, they make for poor sleeping areas. Each interior element is well thought out, but when fit together, they make an uneasy whole. True, our test boat was the factory’s first Flyer 33. Understandably it requires a bit more thought. Despite the fact that the boast’s standard version is already very complete, we find the €211.750 all-in price a lot.  


LOA: 10.10 m / BEAM: 2.66 m / AIR DRAFT: 13.82 m / DRAFT: 1.35 m /  DISPLACEMENT:  2700 kg

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