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Ending seasickness is music to some ears

June 23, 2013 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM _  Seasickness has attracted a wealth of treatments _ from behind-the-ears bandaids to morfine-based drugs to miracle bracelets. And now, music. Britain’s Daval Ltd. is marketing  an app-delivered audio treatment of motion sickness that yielded “astounding” success in clinical studies. Will Nevasic _ also sold under the MorningWell name _ be music to your ears? The app costs $10.

Nevasic is said to issue specifically constructed tones, frequencies and pulses concealed in music you download. They work on your inner ear _ which gives you balance and spatial orientation _ to stop and prevent sickness. The frequencies and pulses are outside of your hearing. Like a dog whistle. your ear registers them but you cannot hear them.

Writing in the July issue of his Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen, Editor in Chief Cees van Dijk describes how over the years portable music has “dragged him through difficult hours in the cockpit (by keeping) an all-consuming sense of discomfort at bay.” He does not need a “special, expensive app,” but asked readers who have tried Nevasic to share their findings.

He is a lot more generous than Elaine Bunting over at Britain’s Yachting World. “Hallelujah. A revolutionary breakthrough. For the paltry sum of £11.99 you can purchase a new iPhone app to ‘cure’ you of seasickness,” Bunting writes. “Look, I’m not even going to test this. I’ll bet you my lunch and every meal to infinity and beyond that it won’t work. I’d just get my phone soaked.” Bunting argues there’s no cure for  seasickness. “I’ve lost hundreds of lunches over the years. Like most people, I do usually get over it after 3-4 days at sea.”

So what treatment does work? Bunting: “An understanding and sympathetic skipper and crewmates.”


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