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After nosing around Scotland, a Baltic taste

June 14, 2013 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured with 0 Comments

COWES _ The World Cruising Club, organizers of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and 5 other long-distance events since 1986, wants to cast its net wider. It is offering to stage its first ever Baltic Rally in 2014. The 1,500m, 6-six-capitals-in-6- weeks event would combine cruising with exploring the Baltic region’s culture and history. At this stage, the WCC is taking expressions of interest for the event before committing to its organization. Registration would open in September.

WCC Managing Director Andrew Bishop: “We’ve often had requests from previous ARC participants for a Baltic cruise. The Baltic is a vast waterway which offers some superb sailing, and the added attraction of a unique and varied history, makes it a perfect place to cruise.”

The Baltic cruise would build on the WCC’s popular Malts Cruise _ a 2-week summer sailing voyage in Scotland that combines exceptional cruising, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife. and _ if you can be talked into that _  excursions into the world of Scottish single malt whiskey. The focus of the Baltic cruise is on soaking up the cultural history of the region and the stunning beauty of the Swedish and Finnish archipelagos. At a glance:

_ The 2014 event would visit Kiel (Germany), Tallin (Estonia), St. Petersburg (Russia) Helsinki and Mariehamn (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden)and Copenhagen (Denmark).

_ Dates: July + August, 2014. Exact dates to be confirmed in September 2013

_ Cruisers can join all or part of the rally



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