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May 7, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Featured, NL Excel with 0 Comments

 AMSTERDAM ~ Few designers match the depth of Peter Bosgraaf’s portfolio. In over 25 years, he has developed a style he himself calls “comfortable functionality.” And it shows across a hefty portfolio of designs of sail and motorboats, RIBs, houseboats, patrol craft, explorer vessels, fishing craft, sea-going rowboats and canal boats. At the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show, his Saffier 33 SE _ an upscale daysailer _ was named Sailboat of the Year.

Taking on all comers “is a real challenge,” says Bosgraaf. “I rarely turn clients away.” He has honed his skills at such top-flight outfits as Yachting Consult, Andre Hoek Design and Dykstra Naval architects. A recent eye-catching Bosgraaf project: the Zeydon-60, (right), a Belgian-made sailing yacht whose owner was so charmed by the curves of BMW cars he wanted them on his yacht. Bosgraaf is not held back by dogmas. “I always watch out to see the patterns of the lines of a vessel.” That is different from one boat to the next.” In sailing yachts, Bosgraaf is partial to water ballast. “It is a comfort factor. It renders 5% less heeling, more stability and makes for a more comfortable ride. You don’t have to reef quickly.”

Away from recreational boating, Bosgraaf’s remarkable creation include the Vels 45 Lounge (left).

The 14m ‘network’ boat’ is designed to take out clients for brainstorming sessions on the water. The one launched in 2014 is a low-slung diesel-powered craft that clears the Amsterdam canal bridges. Inside: luxurious seating and electric appliances (fridge, microwave, cooker etc.).





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