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3 Tall Ships round Cape Horn simultaneously

December 11, 2013 by robert in Featured, Maritime Netherlands with 0 Comments

AMSTERDAM - In late November, 3 Dutch Tall Ships _ ‘Europa,’ ‘Oosterschelde’ and ‘Tecla’ _ rounded South America’s Cape Horn just about simultaneously going from west to east. As far as anyone knows, that was a first in Dutch maritime history.

Cape Horn was its usual inhospitable self. “The day we rounded Cape Horn (29 Nov), we were unable to see it,” wrote a passenger aboard the bark Europa. “Although we passed only about 2 nautical miles away, it was shrouded in so much fog that we did not even see the light from the lighthouse.” The 3 Tall Ships _ carrying paying passengers _ are sailing around the world, following old trade routes.  All separate legs can be joined by individual guest crew members and booked at the individual shipping companies offices. They left Auckland, New Zealand Oct. 19. Their trek across the Southern Ocean presented them with 10m waves but all 3 made it safely to Port Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands.

After rounding Cape Horn, ‘Oosterschelde’ and Bark ‘Europa’ will make several Antarctica expeditions. ‘Tecla’ will head to warmer waters _ to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santos, Brazil.

The Oosterschelde is a 3-masted topsail schooner and the largest restored Dutch sailing ship. It has made  several impressive journeys since her restoration in 1992. For example, she sailed an earlier journey around the world, made several expeditions to Spitsbergen and _ in wintertime _ to Cape Verde. www.oosterschelde.nl

The 3-masted Bark Europa (built in 1911) has, since 1994, traveled the oceans. The ‘Europa’ is powered by canvas and cooperative with a professional crew of 14 and a maximum compliment of 48 voyage crew-members of all ages and nationalities. Tall ship lovers, also without seafaring experience, can help the permanent crew by taking the helm, assisting with navigation, hoisting and furling square sails on the yards. www.barkeuropa.com

The ‘Tecla’ was built in 1915 and is owned and sailed by a family of four professional sailors. A fast, 2-masted Ketch, the Tecla was built for the North Sea. Her appearance has been kept as traditional as possible. The crew works with a sail training program designed to give passengers the most out of their your time on board. www.tecla-sailing.com

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