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Whisperpower: Silence is golden. On board, too

September 3, 2015 by robert in Environment, NL Excel, Power with 0 Comments

DRACHTEN ~ WhisperPower, creator of independent, mostly made-in-Holland power systems, has just issued its 2016 marine product guide. Its 130 pages drive home the company’s message that _ especially onboard of boats _ silence is golden. Key to that is WhisperPower’s ‘genventer’ technology in an ‘All-in-One PowerStation.’ The quiet, compact system comprises a hybrid diesel generator, inverter, battery and all other vital components. Say bye-bye to loose components!

WhisperPower BV, founded in 2007, today serves a market of 50-odd nations from a Dutch production plant. Key to its operations is the power-hungry marine leisure industry. It accounts for 55% of its turnover. The company provides yards with complete, hassle-free electrical systems. “We are a logistical service provider,” says CEO Roel Ter Heide. “We have developed an entire system for the new Hanse 67. Our system lets you plug into wall power anywhere in the world. Like your iPhone charger.”

Ter Heide cites growth in boats of 24m and up. For J-Class sailing yachts, his company has built all-in-one systems: generators in combination with electric propulsion that generates power under sail. Enough, in fact, for a night at anchor. Recently, it equipped a 46m yacht by Hoek Design Naval Architects with a Genverter system of more than 100 kW and a 50 kW crankshaft generator.

Recently, WhisperPower linked up with Diesel Center Italia to develop intelligent hybrid technology-based power and propulsion systems for yachts of 30 to 60m. A key feature of what Ter Heide calls “new school” hybrid systems is a diesel-electric modus. It allows high performance, main engines to be turned off and let small, fuel efficient electrical propulsion motors, integrated in drive trains, take over. These electric motors (of 70-130 kW per shaft) come with quiet, speed-adjustable Hy-Gen Genverters with power ratings of up to 300 kW.

The speed _ in ECO mode _ will be 7-9 knots. In this mode, the genverters also run galley equipment, washing machines and hull thrusters. The new system also enables AC to remain on at night without shore power or running generators.

While serving upmarket clients, WhisperPower is not abandoning the little’uns. This year, it launched the 4kW M-GV 4 Piccolo, the most silent and compact generator on the market, weighing only 68 kilos.


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