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Van Oossanen’s Hull Vane in METSTRADE spotlight

AMSTERDAM ~ The 2015 METSTRADE’s DAME Design Award went to 2 winners – a first for the annual marine trade equipment show. The joint winners were the Lume On LED light from Spinlock, the British marine hardware maker, and the Electric Stabilizing Fin & Interceptor System from Humphree of Sweden, maker of high-speed marine propulsion systems.

The 2015 METSTRADE show set new records: 1,385 exhibitors and 21,953 visitors. The 2016 event will be held Nov. 15-17.

Spinlock’s Lume-On is a tiny LED light attached to a lifejacket. When activated, it sets the whole lifejacket aglow. Humphree’s Electric Stabilizing Fin & Interceptor System has a 360° rotating fin to combat anchor walking. It is powered by 24V DC and can be operated without keeping a genset engine running while underway.

The Hull Vane of Van Oossanen Naval Architects of the Netherlands won a special mention. The fuel-saving fixed foil below a ship’s stern manipulates the stern wave pattern, creates hydrodynamic lift resulting in less drag. Its performance depends on a ship’s length, speed and hull shape. It realizes fuel savings of 5 to 15%, in some cases of even 20%.

The Hull Vane has been around for 2 years in which it proved its designer’s claim. A 55m supply ship equipped with a Hull Vane was moored outside the awards gala in the port of Rotterdam.

The invention of Dutch Naval Architect Pieter van Oossanen has a worldwide patent. It is applicable to relatively fast-displacement vessels, such as navy and coast guard vessels, ferries, superyachts and some offshore supply vessels.

Early adopters include Heesen Yachts, a superyacht maker that works closely with Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

www.hullvane.nl | www.feadship.nl | www.metstrade.com / www.dutchyachtbuilding.com


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