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U-Boat Worx takes you where few venture

May 12, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Environment, Power with 0 Comments

BREDA ~ Waterproof Expeditions and U-Boat Worx of the Netherlands are joining forces to offer submarine pilot training in Malta’s crystalline waters in August. No experience required.

Run from a fully-equipped 30m yacht, the courses go down to shipwrecks in U-Boat Worx’ top-flight C-Explorer 3 personal sub that is fully certified, air-conditioned and offers 360-degree views from its acrylic dome. On offer are a 2-day introductory course, a 4-day (Supervised Pilot License) course, a 6-day (Private Pilot License) course and a 10-day (Chief Pilot License) course that covers the full range of professional sub operations.

U-Boat Worx, founded in 2005, makes 7 sub models for 2, 3 or 5 people, including one designed for superyachts that is ultra-compact and light-weight. Waterproof Expeditions organizes wildlife and nature experiences around and in the world’s oceans.

Separately, U-Boat Worx announced it is expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. It showed its C-Explorer 3 at the Singapore Yacht Show in April. The first luxury sub brought to Asia, it will soon be used on a luxury cruise shop in the region. “Exploring the depths of the ocean is our passion,” says Erik Hasselman, U-Boat Worx Commercial Director. “Exploring new regions is the next logical step. The Asia-Pacific harbors some of the world’s most amazing dive sites.”

The C-Explorer 3 (at left) was recently awarded a Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s largest design competitions. The sub can dive to depths of 300m for 12 hours. The fully Acrylic Pressure Vessel guarantees an unimpeded view, and passengers will remain in absolute comfort with a sustained pressure of 1 atmosphere inside the submersible

www.uboatworx.com | www.waterproof-expeditions.com / www.dutchyachtbuilding.com

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