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A slice of Dutch yachtbuilding for sale

January 17, 2015 by robert in Days of Yore, Power with 0 Comments

KROPSWOLDE _ After a long and varied career in yacht building and design, Lammert Huitema is folding his tent. At age 78, he is offering for sale his entire archive of designs of the Barkas motor yacht and the license rights. In the past 30 years, 400 of the broad-beamed, low-slung yachts have been built in 10 sizes from 6 to 15 meters.

Huitema began building them in 1986 when he started out as an independent designer after years of working for boat yards. Guiding him were some key considerations: the Barkas had to be a stable, robust yacht with a fluid line in its steel hull. It had to be a quiet vessel with a roomy, one-level cockpit and saloon.

A Barkas was, historically, the largest onboard tender. It was used to ferry the captain to shore and back and was often equipped with a small deck gun.

Huitema’s Barkas design is easily recognized: its port and starboard sides bear 2 vertical bump rails, known in the Netherlands as ‘apostles.’ The design’s popularity stems from the fact that yacht has a roomy interior and cockpit. Its low clearance makes it ideal for canal and river trips across Europe. Of the 400 or so Barkas yachts sold today, almost half are 11m versions. The last Barkas was built in 2011. Interested in acquiring the rights to all Barkas yachts?


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