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WhisperPower’s 50-nation footprint

June 10, 2015 by robert in Broad Reach, Power with 0 Comments

DRACHTEN – The growth of WhisperPower, a developer and maker of a wide range of diesel and hybrid engine power systems, is giving the Dutch company a growing footprint on off-grid market sectors. Founded in 2007, WhisperPower today boasts dealers and distributors in 50 odd nations. Last April it launched WhisperPower GmbH, a full-fledged subsidiary in Schleswig, Germany.

The company makes the Orange range of battery chargers, inverters, combi’s and batteries and WhisperPower Generators. “It is the latest addition to the generator family that has created a sharp increase in sales,” says company spokeswoman Monique Caminada-Kolkman. “The arrival of the Piccolo, a very compact 3.5 kW power pack from the new Genverter range, is responsible for a recent sales boom.”

The M-GV 4 Piccolo Marine (pictured) is a compact unit (50 x 470 x 520mm, 68.8 kilos). WhisperPower says its programmable speed generator is the quietest on the market, provides 3.5kW of continuous 230V power and has outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave.

WhisperPower is expanding its Premium Service Partner network for the maritime markets of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Anyone who has recently taken ownership of a vessel installed with a Whisper or WhisperPower generator can opt for a fixed rate ‘health check’ by a WhisperPower Premium Service Partner.

WhisperPower markets the WhisperPower and HybridPower brands worldwide. Topping its growing product portfolio are all-in-one PowerStations, compact hybrid diesel generators. Most of WhisperPower’s manufacturing is done in-house in an energy-frugal building that boasts solar cells and climate control based on an eco-energy recovery system.  www.whisperpower.com

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