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Pitch-perfect, portable audio from Dampf

August 21, 2014 by robert in Broad Reach with 0 Comments

Dampf B.V. makes built-in wireless audio equipment, mostly for hotels. At Hiswa in-Water show it launches its audio system that lets everyone on a boat enjoy his or her own music with perfect sound quality. The system comprises an amplifier-receiver that, via Bluetooth connection, plays music directly from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Dampf is compatible with different music providers such as Spotify and iTunes. It can also be hooked to a radio or TV using an audio in-port.

The system comes with 2 water-tight (IP 65), impact-absorbing aluminum interior speakers with a 10 or 11.5cm diameter. These can be installed in the cockpit or wet cell. For the saloon, galley or cabins there are moisture-resistant, interior speakers with a 17.8cm diameter. The system is available in 40W and 100W.

The small amplifier-receiver (19x7x3 cm) can be easily installed, out of sight, behind a wall or in a cupboard. It can also be fully built-in and operates on 12V. The audio system is delivered with cables and installation materials.

Dampf’s audio system was developed initially for the hotel industry. Large, high-end hotel chains have been installing it in rooms, suites and bathrooms for almost 2 years. ‘Music is an experience,” says Bart van Krimpen, Dampf’s founder and owner. “Hotel guests like to hear their own music. It gives them an ‘at-home’ feeling.” Dampf says good quality sound and a wide choice of music can make time spent on a boat more pleasant.


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